[SOLVED] What to upgrade to play BFv. MSI 1060GB, 4670K, 32GB Vengeance.

Nov 8, 2018
Hi, first of all thank you for taking the time to help out. My current rig stands as this:

MSI 1060 6GB
i5 4670K
32GB Vengeance

I'm not going to be able to play BFv with those specs, but wondering what should I upgrade first? New Nvidia cards are way too expensive so I'm leaning towards a new CPU + Motherboard. I'd like to stay below $700.00 USD but I'm a bit flexible. Thanks in advance!
I agree with you on the cards being expensive...but the way I see your setup now....I would think your GPU would be the thing holding you back. Is that not what you are seeing?

That being said...I don't think you can go real high with the GPU with that CPU either.
Nov 8, 2018
Hey Jay, What I'm seeing on BF1 is really high CPU, around 80-90% usage on the latest maps, on the classic/vanilla maps I'm getting solid 60fps and around 30% CPU usage.

So I'm kinda puzzled, I guess the only good thing about the card is that it's actually 6GB, obviously it's not the best of the line, but to me, I feel like the CPU is way older (Released in Feb 2013) and the one holding me down.

But then again, I'm no pro.
Well...maybe BF1 is really CPU intensive...I'm not sure.

I didn't expect such high CPU usage.

....so I see what you're saying....and the other thing is...I would say going with something like a 1080 with that CPU might be an issue even in less CPU intensive games...so maybe you're better off with the CPU upgrade and get a card down the road.

I don't think it's a real cut and dry call.
BF1 can benefit from more than 4 threads. So I'd expect BF V to benefit from more than 4 threads too, and maybe the benefits might be greater too.

A lot depends on your expectations. An i7 4xxs CPU might be all you need. At 1080p I doubt the 1060 6gb is going to be the limiting factor, unless you expect to run at especially high framerate and settings.
Nov 8, 2018

I'm definitely happy with 1080 at 60fps, I don't need more for now, in the future I'll upgrade my GPU but just want to make sure what I need first is a new CPU. I just want to be able to play without constant FPS dips which is what I've been getting on newer maps and therefore affecting my gameplay.

I'd also like to try to go as futureproof as possible. I'd prefer not to upgrade to a 1080 since they new 2XXX just came out.

The 1060 is more than fine for bfv as long as you aren't expecting ultra settings 1080p60fps.
What is an issue is your i5. Bf1 has shown that even the best quad core struggles in the game as it was one of the first games to really need more than 4 cores to run well all the time. You can easily upgrade to a new cpu, ram an board with that budget but if you don't mind waiting until the launch of battlefield V just try the game and see if it runs ok. If it does not just upgrade what is holding you back and you'll be good.
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