What type of dvd rw will suitable for p4 system


Nov 2, 2008
Its a mobo issue, not cpu. Just have to make sure you have the right kind of connection available on the mobo.

Check to see if you have an open SATA port, that's preferable as the DVD-RW can be used on your next system if you build your own. If there is not SATA port, then make sure you have an open IDE connection. Each IDE connection on the mobo can connect 2 devices.

search wiki or goggle images for images of both if you need pics.
If your motherboard has SATA ports then get a SATA drive. If not then just get an IDE drive. You are going to be burning alot of stuff then you may want to look into a Plextor. If you think you won't get any benefit out of the high end features Plextor Drives offer, then get something cheaper :D. I recommend getting a retail model that comes with burning software such as Nero.