What video card is most suitable (performance/price) for my rig?

Boyan Kushlev

Aug 17, 2013
So here's the deal. I had a tiny upgrade of my computer a month ago (my dad found some components somewhere, some new, some second hand) except for a video card and I ended up with the following rig:

CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.7 GHz Quad core
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4 GB @ 1600 MHz
MoBo: Gigabyte P55 - US3L
GPU: Radeon HD4870 512 MB
OS: Win 7 x64

First of all, the video card is pretty old and I need an upgrade. I don't put it under a lot of stress lately (I mainly play CS: GO, which is not that resource demanding), but the problem is that I have red dots flickering all over my screen, especially recognizable over grayish colors. Especially when I run Ubuntu in Virtual Box it drives me crazy! I also think that it occasionally overheats, since when I start a more demanding game, after a while the computer often shows a blue screen and shuts down.

So I really need your opinion on this. What Video card would be suitable for my system? I'm considering a GTX 750 Ti (about 130 pounds in here) and a Radeon R9 270x (160 pounds). Based on my other specifications, does it make sense to get the better Radeon, or save some bucks with the 750 Ti (which is considered one of the best value-for-money-wise cards out there). Essentially, would the CPU for instance hold me back if I get the Radeon, so that I'd better get the GTX?

P.S. I planned on having an entire upgrade in February, and I would've waited until then, but the GPU situation is driving me insane, so I need a Video Card ASAP. So, in perspective, does it make more sense to get the 290x?


Nov 29, 2012
you would need to tell us your PSU make and model. Even if you dont overclock that CPU, which you should if you have an aftermarket fan, get the best video card u can without breaking your budget if you plan on playing newer games.