What watercooling parts do I need ?


Aug 31, 2011
Okay, so I've began ordering and have some of the hardware I know I'll be using in my build. Now I need a little help finishing it.

So far I have the following :

Motherboard : Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79
CPU : Intel Core i7-3970X
GPU : x2 EVGA GeForce GTX 690 Hydro Copper
RAM : Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB 2666Mhz

The PSU (Corsair AX1200i), SSD's, HDD, and Audio Card has yet to arrive.

What I need help with is the the watercooling and monitors. I'd like to concentrate on the former.

Right now case wise, I'm stuck between the Cosmos II by Cooler Master, And the tj11 by Silverstone. Which would you prefer/suggest? I don't know if that'll be a factor, but the FAQ seems to imply that in situations like this the more you tell, the better and easier it will be to receive help.

Either way, to be completely honest, I'm looking for something similar to this build. It's absolutly beautiful.
... imagines I found here -->

I really just need a list of the parts I'll need, and advice on which things are best performance wise. What would you use if you simply wanted the very best, and most durable and lasting parts? I don't mind using an external radiator, but if it's going to be very noisy, it's okay. Thanks.


That Dream Machine is probably the best one they've done yet.

I've never really done a liquid cooling build before but the parts that you need to make it work are radiator - tubing - coolant - pump - CPU block. There's a few manufacturers that sell liquid cooling components - check frozencpu for starters. Danger Den and Swiftech are two very well known manufacturers.