Question What Wattage PSU for i9 12900K and RTX 3070Ti?


That should be alright. 290W GPU and the CPU can top out around 250W.

Motherboard includes a wireless card, so your additional one is redundant.

Do you need 10Gbps network? Is there anything else on your network that fast?

I would skip the 250 GB SSD. If you want the OS on a fast drive, you should get a 512GB PCIe 4.0 drive like the 980 Pro, the 970 Evo Plus is PCIe 3.0. (Not that it will make a huge difference, but you might as well if you are going that route)

I also think a 360mm radiator would not be a bad idea for the CPU.


A high quality 850w, at minimum. RTX 3000 has terrible power spikes, so you want a good buffer. A 12900k should be in a Z690 board. Also, I would argue that the 12900k is not worth the added cost, for those extra E cores, vs a 12700k. 240mm AIO is not enough for a 12900k either. Could you please export the pcpp build link? It's easier to come up with a better solution that way.
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You want to go with a single 2TB M.2 SSD with the B660 boards seeing how that chipset only has 12 PCIe lanes and it's going to gimp a second M.2 SSD. The 12900K is an expensive heat producing power hog that's meant for a Z690 board with decent VRM's. You don't need a WiFi adapter for a board that already has built in WiFi and most all cpu coolers come with thermal paste so you can drop both of those from your build. btw 64GB for a gaming build is a bit insane. You went too high on your board + cpu + RAM and you skimped on your case and monitor. btw you want a G-Sync compatible monitor so that you can take advantage of Nvidia DLSS and Reflex. I would look at these changes to that build.
Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Performance Mid Tower Case £88.03
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i7 12700 / 12700F gaming benchmarks.

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