Question What wifi extender will I need to reach from House A to B,C and D (image)

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Jan 11, 2016
I am going on holiday with family and the place we're staying at only has wifi at the first house ( house A on the image).What wifi extender will I need to get to get the Wi-fi to house B,C and D ? The signal does not have to be amazing just for basic phone calls and social media . Should I get a outdoor wifi extender or a indoor one at house A? The signal is pretty poor at houses B,C,D would putting a wifi extender in one of them help boosting the already poor signal of house A?
My budget is 50 pounds maximum from these websites : or . The distance is around 15m judging from the image , correct me if im wrong. Image link : View:

All help is much appreciated!
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my first thought is to bring along a wifi router you probably already have and run an ethernet cable to house C from house A and plug the router in there. this will bring the stable connection to the other houses and then the wifi signal is broadcast much closer to the target. much more stable and cheaper than some booster that can be a big pain to get up and running. all you likely need is a long ethernet cable which is not that expensive.

just my first thought anyway.
At the price point you have there is no solution to even consider. It will likely be at least 3 to 4 times that minimum.

You next problem is this is not your property and you likely can not install stuff. I mean for outdoor extender you need to at least drill a small hole to get a ethernet cable outside.

So a solution that might work is to place a pair of point to point wifi bridges like ubiquti nano station loco in the windows of building A and building C. The 2 unit must be able to see each other though the windows. You would need to connect the unit in building A to the network best by ethernet cable. For added expense you could use another wifi bridge drive to receive the signal from the main wifi. In the remote building you also need a AP or inexpensive router acting as a AP to spread the signal to the remote building. Hard to say how well the signal will transfer between the buildings. You might need a device in the window of each building.

The risk you take is these units need clear line of sight. If you park a car or truck in the path it would block the signal. Most times you put these on the roof of buildings to avoid that issue. The next issue is the glass to some extent will absorb the signals. If there are energy coatings on the windows it can absorb huge amounts of the wifi signals.

Do you know if the power for both buildings is off the same power meter. Again "maybe" you could use powerline networks to get signals between the buildings. This option also is well above your price point but not as much as using multiple wifi bridges and AP.