Question What will Android use if both wireless and ethernet connected


Mar 11, 2010
I have an Android TV box. I used WIFI connection because I cannot run a cable. But WIFI is getting worse as more people are working from home during the day. I added an ethernet connection using a powerline adapter (i.e. the Android box can access internet either using ethernet or wireless). I understand that powerline adapter is not the same as using a direct ethernet cable. But speed test shows that it has better speed than the WIFI connection. My observation with my Windows PC is it will always use the ethernet connection first and will automatically switch to WIFI if ethernet is bad. Please correct me if my observation is wrong. But for the Android box, I cannot figure out what it is using. I went to setting and saw both connections exist. I started watching my movie and notice that it is choking. I am not sure how to determine if it is choking on WIFI or the powerline adapter. I disabled WIFI and it worked fine again. I could stick to the powerline and forget about WIFI. But the powerline adapter is always impacted by high interference devices such as Vacuum , hairdryer or microwave. That's why I hope to keep both connections if Android has some smart to pick the one that has better throughput.
Yup I have a vacuum that can kill powerilne any place in the house even the newest powerline units. The never av2-1000 and ac2-2000 work much better than the older generations of powerline.

Android is not a single platform and who really knows what a tv is going to do it is missing features other android implementations have. In general since android is based on a unix code base it should prefer ethernet over wifi. That said even your PC can be configured to not run that way. They use a value called metric that decides what device to choose. You can set it anyway you want. I have seen some device drivers that favor some of the newer wifi6 under the mistaken impression it can run faster than 1gbit. Not sure it seem to be only 1 brand of laptop so it could be a vendor thing.

BUT all this does not matter. If the TV does not have a setting to choose you are stuck with whatever they setup at the factory. Now they maybe some hack like rooting the tv that can let you get command access.

Since it is a tv do you have coax cables in the wall near it and also by your router. If you do you could use MoCA rather than powerline. The latest moca can actually get gbit speeds and is almost imune to interference.
I guess it depends on where you live for the cost, some countries things are very expensive.

The ones people really like are called gocoax and you can get them for $60 each on amazon. These in theory have a total network bandwidth of 2.5g even though they only they only have gigabit ports. Many people say you can actually get 1gbit throughput. I have many times been tempted to buy them just to play with but I have ethernet in almost every room.