what will be better solution from older cards??


Apr 23, 2004
I want to equip my old machine cel300a on lx board 64ram (not my best;) with some less absorbing system(cpu) cheap sound card, the quality of sound does not needs to be excellent, it would be nice also not to have any problems with the card(driver) with games/divx movies (winME later win2000/linux). and if possible hardware wavetable would be appreciated :)

I don't know much about sound cards especially from that time. I considered PCI cards, for instance based on ES1370/71/73 (I don't know differences between them,is there any significant?? 1373 is SB128 right??) or Genius Crystal CS4281, AVORTEX AU8820B2, vibra 128 pci, or YAMAHA XG YMF744B-V PCI (everyone from internet auctions about 5$ -not in US of course, don't wanna make experiments, just buy one)

Curious what would experienced users recommend??
I stress that small cpu usage is the most important (so I looked at PCI ones, don't know what are the factors that decide of it... the card should have its own DSP unit right? would the SB AWE32/64 be also worth looking at??)

Currently there is Gravis UltrasoundMAX (yeah!) :D which suxx because of the win9x driver (in dos it always kicked ass! - if there were no problems with running of course;) Does anyone know if there were newer drivers for windows ( got only one correct which works ...ehm... poor;)

regards to all, sorry if my english is not perfect yet


One of the best, if not the best, sound cards ever from a CPU usage standpoint has been the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. Oh and another thing, they work right.

If you need EAX9.0 Creative Droneware, then forget about it.

The TBSC is an important part of keeping my wifes machine, P2 400MHz, alive and useful.


Apr 30, 2004
LOL. Agreed.

I wouldnt use Creative in any circumstance. Either onboard, NF2 Audio, Hercules or TB.
Essentially, anything but.