[SOLVED] What wiring standard should I use between Cat6 patch panels?


Aug 4, 2015
Hi there,

I have a question about the wiring standard I should correctly be using to connect a few networking items together. To make a long story short, the electrician working on my new home terminated wires in two different areas in the basement, instead of one central location. The wires cannot be re-run due to spray foam and walls are all up and painted. To extend these wires in a nice neat fashion, I connected them to a structured media box with a 6 slot cat-6 patch panel using B-wiring. The output of the patch panel are RJ-45 jacks, which I would connect to a switch on the other side of the basement. The bigger patch panel will also be wired in B config.

My question is: the RJ-45 jacks I need to crimp cat-6 for - do these need to wired up in a A, B-config, or as a pass-through? I cant seem to get a definitive answer and want to wire it correct the first time.

-------cat6 from keystone jacks-----> [ [ patch panel in T568B. ] -> [patch panel out (????)] ]-----------[cat6 to patch panel]-----> [patch panel to switch]

Let me know if I need to clarify, thanks!
Key is consistency. The electrical signals do not really know what color the plastic on the wire is. As long as the pair of wires that connects say pins 1 and 2 is the same on both ends the signal get there.

You could for example take a 2 patch cords one that has 568a and a second that has 568b and use a coupler to connect them. So pair 1 would go on green wires for 1/2 the connection and orange wires for1/2. The signals though are still pin1-pin1 and pin 2 to pin 2. It just is confusing for the next guy that looks at this. He would think that the cable was wired improperly if he did not know 2 different patch cables were connected together.

Many years ago the blue and brown pairs of wires had few twists in them....saved a tiny bit of money for less wire. I think this was before the cat5e standard and all the wires were used to carry signalling.
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