Question What woud be a good cooler for my cpu, how many fans can my case support, and what changes would you reccomend?


Ok, well I'll tell you right now that there aren't any mini ITX cases that will support a Noctua NH-D15. That is a MASSIVE CPU cooler.

And, you NEED a really good cooler for that CPU, so using it IN a mini ITX case is probably a bad idea.

What is it that you want from this build? Was the choice of an mini ITX case intentional or simply unfamiliar with the different form factors?

A little background on what you wish to get from this build and your preferences for size and aesthetics as well as exactly what you need it to do would be helpful.

Is this actually a build you plan to purchase or are you simply designing it as a project?
Dec 25, 2018
I aplogize for being vauge and thanks for telling me what I should put in the question. I’ve hopefully edited it to answer all your questions.
Nov 14, 2018
Hi jje, nice build you have picked out.

What were your plans for your build? Were you wanting a system that would be mostly gaming oriented? Or more of a do-all system that could game as well as had enough power for things like streaming and video editing?

If you were wanting a kind of do-all system, had you considered a Ryzen 2700X with the Wraith Prism Cooler? The processors is an 8C/16T like the 9900K, but the 2700X includes a compact cooler that will fit in the case you chose and keep the CPU cool. It won't deliver the same level of performance as the 9900K mind you, but the 2700X does offer good value for the price.
Love those ITX builds.

What is the purpose of this build?
If it is for gaming, you have not specified a graphics card.

My thoughts:

1. i9-9900K is a very good processor for multithreaded apps.
But, for gaming, you would perform equally well with a 8 core i7-9700K.

2. Your case is a good one. It supports two front 140mm intakes, none of which is provided. I would add two 140mm fans to the list instead of the two 120mm units you listed. Noctua 140mm fans would be a preference.

3. Noctua NH-D15 is about the top air cooler.
But, a better option is the NH-D15s which is a high compatibility version.
It is offset to clear graphics cards and it will also clear tall ram.
Noctua will have a motherboard compatibility chart to check somewhere.
If you can't find it, you can ask noctua for a check.
I doubt you will have a problem.

4. There is no negative to excessive ram. But unless you were heavily multitasking, 16gb is sufficient.
3000 speed is fine.

5. What a strange combination of drives.
Keep it simple with a single 2tb m.2 drive. 860 evo is the sata version and 970 evo is the faster pcie version.
Have you considered backup storage?
Make that an external enclosure with a suitable capacity wd or hitachi drive

6. PSU is good quality. 750w psu should be sufficient.
But, that particular psu is quite long for a small case.
A Seasonic focus 850w gold unit will cost less and be only 140mm long.


That case is huge for a mini-ITX model. I don't think I've ever seen one that supports a 165mm tall CPU cooler before. I'm not even sure how that classifies as mini-ITX other than the fact that it supports the mounting pattern for mini-ITX motherboard installation. There are micro ATX cases smaller than that. Whatever though, if it fits, it fits, I just don't think it should actually fall into the mini-ITX category of cases if it's that big.

As Geofelt mentions, everything else looks really good.



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