Question What would a future AMD 3k systen look like.


Jan 7, 2011
Sorry if this isn't an appropriate thread.

I have read many threads about builds on toms hardware over the last month and even some great help in a build I asked for. But I have been curious if its possible to do a Ryzen 3k series build. I understand its a week or so until the hardware is released, but from what is know today what would a Ryzen 3k build be.


With existing boards, I'd be skeptical about how far the Ryzen 3rd gen processors will cope work with the 400 series chipset since in the past you've seen how 300 series chipset boards were failing due to the higher power demands of the Ryzen 2nd gen processor.

I'd ask you to hold out until all board partners reveal their gear to decide on how a build will look for the Ryzen 3000 series.

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really other than the cpu/mobo, the rest can look pretty much the same.

as lutfij pointed out we really don't know how the motherboards are going to handle the new chips. older boards may or may not be able to handle the chips which we won't know until we see some reviews and problems surfacing.

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july 7 i believe the date is. but that would likely be initial reviews. i'm giving it time to see what troubles people have with older boards and other problems with compatibility that may pop up

there was issues with certain ram with other Ryzen chips so that may continue as well. have to wait and see
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Judging by BIOS versions supplied by MB manufacturers, most if not all MBs with 400 series chipset will be completely compatible with Ryzen 3000. It's not chipset itself that is most important but MB implementation of mostly RAM ports and MB traces associated with it. That is where 300 chipset MBs have failed and was fixed with 400 chipset MBs.
Practically only things that 500 series chipset brings is support for PCIe v4.0 although there were some attempts to implement it on 400 chipset but AMD has retracted that support.
Reasonable expectations would be that b450 MBs will be good for up to 3600x maybe even 3700x and everything above that up to 12/24 core/thread would require x470 MBs mostly because ov VRM.
Above that (16/32 and up) will certainly require stronger VRM and more robust MBs and manufacturers are unlikely to use x470 chipset and will have to start with x570 at least. Some MB manufacturers are already mentioning x590 chipset so it will be intersting in next few months.