Question What would be the best GPU for my build?

Hey there, I'm looking into upgrading my GPU in but don't know where to start. Any help would be much appreciated!

My budget is no more than $600 and I will link my build below.
(ignore the cpu cooler, im using the stock one that came with my processor)
Hi... ok so I guess you have a fairly narrow range of options for what would be worth upgrading to as a 1070 is still a decent graphics card and is roughly equivalent in performance to a GTX 1650 Super / GTX 1660.

Honestly for the upgrade to be worth considering you really want to be looking at either an RTX 2060 Super (same performance as base 2070) or RX 5700.

Value wise the RX 5700 XT is probably one of the best options in that price performance bracket (that offers similar performance to a 2070 Super but costs a bit less).... if you prefer nvidia (or really want RTX support) then the 2070 Super is a good choice (roughly on par with base 2080). I'm not sure you can get a 2080 Super for that price so those two are probably your best options.
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