what would be the best to upgrade first?


Aug 5, 2015
Hi everyone, this is my current setup.

Intel i7-4790k CPU
Asus z97 Maximus VII Hero Mainboard
Corsair Vengeance PC12800/1600MHZ (16 GB)
Gigabyte 6GB GTX 980 TI G1 Gaming DDR5 PCI-E (SLI)

currently, when i play World of warcraft, i am still not on max graphic settings yet. i would want to play WoW with max settings. but i dont know what would be a good graphic card i should upgrade to.. and if i upgrade the graphic card, would my PC be able to support.

thanks in advance
If you are using a single kit of memory and have XMP enabled in Ai Tweaker menu of BIOS you should be able to run at max settings.

Set the refresh rate to your monitor’s refresh rate
Turn off vertical sync (v-sync)
Turn max foreground FPS on
Make it equal to your monitor’s refresh rate, ex. If refresh rate is 144hz, max FPS should be 144
Set everything to highest settings
You now have a very good cpu and a decent graphics card.

Why not try the settings you want and see how you do?

If you need more cpu power, you can oc the 4790K to get 20% better performance.

sli shows up wonderfully in synthetic fps benchmarks but your gameplay will be better with a single good card.
dual gpu is prone to stuttering and screen tearing.
Don't know about WOW, but many games do not support sli at all.
Consider a single strong card in theGTX1080ti/RTX2080 class.