[SOLVED] What would cause a red error window?

May 2, 2021
I've been trying to replicate an error that I came across about 2 years ago. Me being the dummy I am never took a screenshot or even a picture from my phone. I had connected my laptop to a rather large flat screen television with an hdmi cable. Nothing happened at first so I did it again about a week or two later when friends were visiting and a red box popped up in the middle of my screen. It looked very similar to the standard blue screen of death, just red and said something along the lines of "Warning: Continued use could cause damage to your graphics card."
Since then I have avoided connecting my laptop to the tv until recently to help someone else out. Googling just gives me other RSOD that really don't fit the bill at all. I was curious if anybody might have some insight on this? I've checked the Event Viewer to no avail however. Put some specs below if it matters at all. Any help would be appreciated. Will continue to look through here.
Dell Inspiron 15 5577
CPU Intel i7-7700HQ
Nvidia GTX 1050
16 GB Ram


Make and model large flat screen television?

Does the red box immediately appear or only shows if a game or some other app is opened.

Do you remember seeing any instructions regarding the redbox: to call some number or go to some website?

Do you see the same red box if the laptop is connected to another known working flat screen TV or any other display?

Are you able to swap in another known working HDMI cable.

Manually download, reinstall, and reconfigure the GPU drivers.
May 2, 2021
It's a samsung, model number on the back says UN60J6200AF. This thing is pretty large. The red box had only shown up the one time from what I can remember and didn't list any phone number. It had stated potential damage could occur and recommended to disconnect.
I've never had this show up on any other device that I have used as a display.
I will definitely try another HDMI cable and fiddle with the drivers. Thank you!