Question What you think of my $500 Sleeper Dell PC?

Feb 22, 2019
A few months back I scored an older Optiplex 3010 since my IT friend’s office upgraded. The mobo was iffy so he gave me a replacement still in the package... I saw an opportunity!

OEM Dell 042p49 mobo
i7 3770k ~4.0ghz
16gb ddr3 1600mhz Samsung
256gb & 500gb SSD Samsung
Zotac 1070 mini 8gb
2 120mm & 1 80mm case fan
Windows 10 Pro
EVGA 500w psu


I paid $300 for a new Zotac 1070 mini (post Christmas sale), $80 for a new 500gb SSD, $45 for a new psu, and $75 for new ram. I already had the boot drive and fans laying around, and he gave me his 3770k as it meant nothing to him 😱!! $500 out of pocket. I consider it more of a sleeper rather than a budget build. I can play anything on ultra 1080 and very high 1440. Slightly better than a One X.

Yea yea I know I’m lucky to have an IT friend hook me up with boards and 3rd/4th gen cpus, but you gotta have a plug in this industry right? Not bad huh?
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