Question What'd I do wrong? No start

Jan 25, 2021
So today I started on my build and had it up and running, but no display and the dram led lit up on my msi mag b550 tomahawk. According to their website, the led could mean both a ram and cpu issue.

After fiddling around with the ram sticks I decided it was probably the cpu. Now here's the real kicker. I used wayyyy too much thermal paste. Due to both my lack of education on the matter and the fact the syringe just shot it on the cpu. Anyways, it was on the chip teeth and socket. I spent a good time cleaning it off and still feel there's more I could do.

Now while reading other forums, I realized the ram slots on the board require a lot of pressure. Behold, I push those suckers in hard and viola they fit a whole lot better than it was. So I instinctively rush to get the cpu in.

It boots up but with a cpu led instead... Great... I take it back out and clean it again, and again, and again. I got the chip spotless almost. No teeth broken whatsoever. But the socket is giving me issues.

So I put it back in and now I got nothing, no power no nothing. Besides when I push the bios button on the back. A red light pops on shortly and that's it.

I fear I really messed up and now I'm getting a little panicked about it as I forked alot of money into this.

Ryzen 3 3100
MSI mag b550 tomahawk
Gigabyte 1650 super oc
Corsair vengeance lpx 2x8 16gb 3200
If you got thermal paste down in the socket unless you get every bit of it out of those recess' then most likely it wont work. Im really not sure how you managed that, even if you applied to much thermal paste to the IHS the CPU being installed should have prevented any paste from begging into the socket or on the pins

No store or mobo manufacturer will honor a warranty on the board since it was user error that cause the issue. My only suggesting is to use the highest percent rubbing alcohol you can find and tooth picks (or a plastic pick) to gently clean out each hole in the socket.