Question What'd I do wrong?

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Jan 17, 2020
All i can tell you that from what i found searching for answer was that since the NZXT is closed front with only a small strip of mesh on the front left side wich has a filter on it the asummption of many is that front intake fans will not get enough air through the side vent so they will then suck in some air from the case and the blow it back in the case and then disturbing the air flow and pressure.
If thats whats going on i dont know but i think we both agree on that its not the airflow of the case thats the OP`s problem?


Op doesn't really have an issue. He just assumed he did because of past history with the way Intels run temps. It became the basis for all temps across both OEMs. The standard 70°C or lower was better for loads and 30-40°C idle for decent, or upto 50°C fir stock coolers. And with prior versions of windows that didn't do much of anything at idle, temps stayed pretty even.

Times changed. Ryzen aren't Intel and don't behave as such, and windows 10 has enough active stuff going on in the background with security checks, win store updates, etc that a true idle has become somewhat rare. It can get confusing, this isn't the first post with similar thoughts, won't be the last until Ryzen gets a lot more time and exposure to where it's behavior is counted as normal.

Op is in good shape. Better shape will require a rethink on coolers, but that's nothing new.
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Jun 22, 2019
Glass fronts look great but kill airflow, I removed the glass panel on my Thermaltake 20MT and put a 360 AIO front mounted behind the front 3 Corsair fans, every 8 weeks a nice clean with a small air compressor (I have dogs, 2 children....a wife...all the messy things) and my Ryzen 2700x runs 29-38 - was 35 to 48 idle and RTX 2080 OC 27c idle was 35 on adapive setting. You cannot beat frontal airflow....
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