[SOLVED] Whatever i do , no display on monitor

Aug 25, 2019
So i just made an account on this site because i am really out of options. I replaced my motherboard,cpu,psu and ram in the same 2 months. Now when i want to start my pc my monitor wont show anything. These are the things i tried:

Tried nother hdmi cable
Tried displayport
Tried with another graphics card (i have 2 that work on my other pc)
Tried with another monitor
Tried with an other psu
Tried multipled times to unplug an plug all cables back in
Tried with only 1 ram stick and tried all different slots
Tried using only bare minimum to boot

Nothing worked...i had this problem so today i changed the cpu and motherboard with newer ones and the problems continues so it really cant be the cpu or motherboard...or can it? Please help i will give the one that can solve it some paypall moneys because i am really desperate at this point haha. Thanks!
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