What's a good brand of gaming mice these days?


Now that I've had to stop playing WoW due to work related time restrictions :(, I don't have a need for a mouse with many buttons for the time being. This Corsair Scimitar(RGB version) - great mouse, IMO, but the CUE software was a bit wonky at times - has served me well throughout all of Legion, but has been doing the dreaded double-click for about a month now...

My hands are a bit on the large side, depending on the brand of gloves for example, either XL or XXL.
I'm not overly impressed with Razer products at all, due to the 4 or 5 Nagas I've gone through before the Corsair; same double-click issue, but it would happen much sooner - one of them started after only a few months of use!


Mar 11, 2018
I have larger hands xxl also and getting the right mouse is a pain. I recently bought a msi 600 mouse and like it a lot. Went to best buy and played with them to see how they fit and that felt the best.
In the past I usually used logitech and have no complaints about them. I was very close to buying a corsair. The wheel and side buttons felt quality (and they just looked cool). But the msi definitely fit better.
Having wore out a few also, you may want to try taking it apart and cleaning it (if you havent). If that doesnt help and assuming it has a spring for the button that double clicks. You can try stretching it a bit. Only if it's no good anyway and you dont care about breaking it more.

Edit: I agree about razor. Mine didnt last a year. And my first razor keyboard only lasted a few weeks. The replacement was dead from the box. But the 3rd has lasted like 5-6 years now and still works like new.

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