Whats a good overclock for i5 2500k?


Jan 5, 2012
hi there, so currently im running a i5 2500k at 4 ghz with 1.332v vcore. is the vcore to high? full load im getting temps lower then 70 using intel burn test: core 2 and 3 are like 69 and 71 degrees but other cores are like 63. what ghz is a good overclock for my cpu? i want to be stable 24/7 and let it be good for my cpu. is 4.3 ghz good? is fso, please tell me the settings like what to set vcore too!. thanks


May 24, 2011
Oh, fun fun fun! 2500k overclocking!! :)))

Well every CPU is different, because of what we call the "silicon lottery." This means that the silicon wafers the chips are printed on are not exactly the same, which means that the voltage I need for 4ghz is gonna different than what you need.

That being said, I have run 4.5ghz on 1.3volts, and now Im running 4ghz on 1.21 volts, so I'm pretty sure you dont need 1.33 for 4ghz. And because of that high voltage, you are getting high temps. (70 isn't dangerous or anything, its just not a great temp. But of course, with stock clocks and volts on the stock cooler it runs at 80, so...)

What you need to do is:
1. Decide on what speed you want and set it via the multiplier.
2. Turn on all the OC stability stuff you mobo offers. (PLL overvoltage, Load Line Calibration, Phase Modes, etc.)
3. Test for stability, lower your vcore, test, lower, etc. (Until its not stable and it crashes.)
4. Once it crashes go write down what voltage that was, and bump your vcore up to a little bit over that.

My 2500k is running 1.21volts at 4ghz, start at 1.25, test, and work your way down. Good luck!


Dec 20, 2010
1.332 is likely much too high on average there. I'm only at 1.32 and my 2600K is running @ 4.6 right now

A good overclock is pretty much 4.4 and above. You might even be able to do 4.2-4.4 on stock voltage if you're lucky


Nov 5, 2012
I was running it at 4.2ghz with 1.295v. My temps were pretty high: idle on a hot day around 50-55°c and while under load 80°c+. I pulled it back to 4ghz and 1.280 now getting 45-50 idle.