What's a suitable processor & motherboard for Radeon 7850?~£450 Budget


May 25, 2012
I'm in the early stages of compiling a list of components for my first build. I plan to use it primarily for gaming/ media.
I've decided that the Radeon 7850 is the best GPU for me, but now I'm deciding on a processor.

The research I've done has pointed me in the direction of an AMD Phenom X4 955/965 but I don't know if it would be the limiting factor of overall performance. A friend has suggested Intel i5 2500k as one of the best processors around that price range, but I've read that it might be unnecessary with the Radeon 7850. It also seems to be twice the price.

So would the AMD be a sufficient match up for the GPU? Or would it be worth getting the i5 2500k? I'd like to try my best to stay within £450, but the Intel processor would take a huge chunk out of my budget.

Any help is appreciated :)
And sorry if I've been unclear/ illiterate on anything, I'm quite new to this. Happy to give any clarification!
If the i5 is out of your price range grab an i3, in gaming it still beats a phenom in many situations and it leaves you open to upgrade the proc at some time later to an i5 once you get the money.