What's better? 4GB PC2 6400(2*2) or 2GB PC2 8500 (2*1g)?

kazuya kazama

Nov 26, 2007
Just wondering what is better:

Either 4GB's of Patriot RAM, CAS: 5-5-5-12 and 2 x 2GB sticks


2GB PC2 8500 Crucial Ballistics Tracer, CAS 5-5-5-15 and 2 x 1GB sticks?

Right now I have 4GB of the Crucial Ballistics PC2 8500 (4 x 1GB sticks) but CPU-Z says theyre only running at PC2 6400 if I have all 4 in. Is there anyway to make the 4GB sticks all 8500? or is it better just to go with the 2GB instead of the patriot 4's and the crucial 4 GBs?

Thanks in advance!
Your motherboard is determining the best memory settings. You can try upping the voltage a little and setting the timings manually. But if your system runs well, and you're overclocking, I would leave it alone. Don't waste your money on more memory, unless you want to send me your old sticks. I still haven't got ddr2.


Sep 22, 2007
More RAM is better than faster RAM.

But your motherboard is not detecting the JEDEC standard, which your RAM can run faster than.

Do you have any experience with BIOS settings?