Question whats causing my pc to crash?

Jan 22, 2020
i bought a new ssd (Crucial MX500 CT250MX500SSD1(Z) and installed it into my system to use as a boot drive and for my main games i'm playing at the moment. everything seemed fine, i downloaded steam,discord, origin and spotify onto it. then i downloaded rocket league as that my main game and it crashed

I've Tried:
Completely rebuilding it 4X
Doing a fresh install of windows at least 7 times
taking out both my hard drives and my ssd then installing them one by one to see if it was a power limit issue

Before i installed the ssd the system was working perfectly fine and now crashes after a long time of general internet searching or trying to play a game.
the only thing ive found that seems to cure the issue is by changing my sata mode from ide to ahci and it seemed to run fine, i installed windows, downloaded the same programs and everything runs smooth, so i install my 1tb HDD but it wasn't detected by the system. my bios picked it up but windows refused to acknowledge it existence so i went back to IDE and it started crashing again

Any ideas?

GTX 970
16gb ram
250gb SSD
1tb HDD(i started with a 560gb HDD as well but took it out to see if it was a power issue)
500w psu