Whats data worth in dolar value?


Apr 29, 2011
Should data transfer have and agreed international money value?
Here in Australia we can have internet access from many different companies and on many different price plan rates. Cost roughly between 50cents a gigabyte to $1700 a gigabyte, depending on if you on a large home internet plan (maybe cheaper for businesses I don't know) to a cheap mobile phone pre paid.
It seems amazing to me that the same product can cost 340,000% more in different situations.
Is this common world wide and if so isn't it time data had an agreed value?
Just something I've been thinking about.


Oct 16, 2010
Problem with an agreed value is not all data transfers are created equal.
Different types of equipment and technology can be used, and the cost of those are taken into account when pricing.
Also you have areas where there are not as many options so supply/demand will play a factor.
Have to figue competition also. If there as a value put to all data transfer than the average rate would probably increase.
Frequency allocations are also not the same for all countries which can affect wireless data transfer which in turn effects price.
So many things can come into play when price is being determined that it could be nay impossible to put one value on. Some are way overpriced while others are priced more reasonable. I just make sure I know what im buying before I buy it. Reliability, support, ect can mean more than saving a few bucks if it will only cost a company in the long run.