What's going on with the CPU best picks pages?

Mar 4, 2020
Is it me or is something very weird going on with the best picks cpu pages?

The ryzen 2200g and 2400g models are still listed instead of the newer gen 3000 chips at the gaming cpu page.
In Holland at least this makes absolutely no sense at all and from a quick look around at newegg and Amazon US neither does it make sense in the US. (2400g is even hard to find at all)
Besides the "how the buy a cpu guide" tells us to not get an older gen chip...
The new chips have already been reviewed and found superior in every way so i don't get it

For the cheap CPU page same thing i3-8300 is still there as is the ryzen 3 2200g.
(some of the links for the 8100 actually land on 9100 product pages

Also the comment sections of those articles have been closed down. That's why i'm posting it here

If i'm missing something very obvious here i'd love to hear it but this kinda makes me question the reliability of the rest of the advise on those pages. It's a bit to much to be just a typo.