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Dennis Hagans

Sep 14, 2013
I bought a license to use PDAnet/Foxfi

I use tethering to connect my laptop and share my android phone's data connection and it works great.

I always run over 20GB and here the last two months they have been throttling me, but not on the phone or USB Tether.

I have tried everything to share my internet connection with two 99% identical windows XP towers that are 5 feet away.

I have A NetGear AC1200 ethernet/wifi router that I connect all three with ethernet cables.

to use the ethernet I must first disable the wifi, and vice-versa to use the wifi I must disable the ethernet.

I can turn on the wifi hotspot on my phone and all three computers can find connect and use it, but once I am throttled the bandwidth is so low it is painful to use, except for the USB tethering it still works at full speed. also, I have found that when all three computers connect to my phones wifi hotspot that I have a working wireless network that works just like the ethernet network.

I have tried to share the USB tethering internet connection.

#1. clicking on the PDA Network, properties sharing, share by ethernet or share by wifi.

the two towers can find and connect to the shared connection in the list of available networks but has limited or no connectivity.

I have tried enabling my wifi hotspot on my laptop which can only be done when I connect my laptop by wifi to my phone's hotspot, then I can turn on the laptop hotspot which defeats the purpose because going through the phone's hotspot is a throttled and besides my towers can see and connect to the laptop hotspot but again have limited or no connectivity

all I would like to do is share my PDAnet tethering internet connection with my two windows XP towers, that are using Netgear WNDA3100v3 wireless dongles/or ethernet

one last thing I tried is PDANet has a beta wifi sharing connection, tried that and again my towers can see and connect but limited or no connectivity when they do connect.

I have downloaded and tried


ComIntRep_4010_Setup internet repair

both did a bunch of releasing this and that on the XP machines but no help in making connections.

I would like to share over the Ethernet using the Netgear router as I think it would be faster which I know its password and used it to no avail.

sorry for the length I was trying to list and describe everything and give enough detail that you might be able to help me resolve this. thank you in advance.
Not sure why you are making it so complex unless there is some restriction on your phone.

All you need to do is connect the tethered connection to your laptop and then use ICS to share the connection. Mircrosoft has really good instructions on how to setup ICS. It would be simplest to share it to the wifi card and use your laptop as a hotspot. You can if you really want share it to the ethernet and then hook a router to the ethernet. I would run the router as a AP since you already have it pretty complex already but you can run it as a router if you want.

The ISP have pretty smart guys they know all the tricks so its not like they don't know all the methods. The key here is they actually tell you that they monitor the data. They can many times tell you are running a application that can only run on a PC. Just as a example they know world of warcraft is a pc based application so if they see the traffic it can't be actually running on the phone. Many applications even if the traffic is encrypted they can tell based on the sites you are accessing it is pc based traffic. Unless you run vpn they can tell what you are doing and may vpn that run on pc look different than phone based vpn.

This is also why the so called unlimited telephone plans have started to limit video streaming even to the phone.

They will likely ignore you but if you run large amounts of traffic like the guys that try to run torrent over these unlimited plans you will likely see a large bill.

I sat in meetings with a couple engineers from large cell providers. They use terms like criminals and thieves describing people how try to bypass the limits. The marketing guys are the ones that prevent the tech guys from stomping people doing this, the techs resent that they can not show people they are not as smart as they think they are.

Dennis Hagans

Sep 14, 2013
I sat in meetings with a couple engineers from large cell providers. They use terms like criminals and thieves describing people how try to bypass the limits. The marketing guys are the ones that prevent the tech guys from stomping people doing this, the techs resent that they can not show people they are not as smart as they think they are.

are these the same white collar folks that showed up before Congress with their tin cups asking Congress to approve a Tax Payer bailout of their automotive manufacturing companies?

For starters, the bailout of the auto industry started in the waning weeks of President George W. Bush's tenure. It continued during the early months of the Obama administration. All told, the Treasury Department reported that the program cost taxpayers $79.7 billion, of which $70.4 billion was recovered.

are these the same white collar folks that caused the need for Congress to have to bail out the failing S&L's (Savings and Loan institutions) because failure to bail them out would have been worse on the country than

In 1996, the General Accounting Office estimated the total cost to be $160 billion, including $132.1 billion taken from taxpayers. The RTC was created to resolve the S&L crisis.

are these the same white collar folks that ran ERON into the ground

The story of Enron Corporation depicts a company that reached dramatic heights only to face a dizzying fall. The fated company's collapse affected thousands of employees and shook Wall Street to its core. At Enron's peak, its shares were worth $90.75; when the firm declared bankruptcy on December 2, 2001, they were trading at $0.26. To this day, many wonder how such a powerful business, at the time one of the largest companies in the United States, disintegrated almost overnight. Also difficult to fathom is how its leadership managed to fool regulators for so long with fake holdings and off-the-books accounting.

since I was a kid and I am 60 now I have heard of false advertising, bait, and switch, gimmicks, and failed companies in which the lower employees would not be paid after working their normal hours/overtime but the ceo bailed out of the company with a golden parachute taking millions of dollars and other benefits while the regular employees were left wondering how they were gonna pay their bills

Straight Talk advertises its 55.00 cards that you buy at Wallmart with huge BOLD lettering UNLIMITED DATA, it was only when I got throttled last month that I googled throttling on an unlimited plan and found out that Straight talk is using FALSE ADVERTISING to sell its UNLIMITED DATA CARDS because in the fine print is where you find out that UNLIMITED DATA does not mean UNLIMITED DATA.

I only wanted what the card said in BIG BOLD LETTERS UNLIMITED DATA, it is not my fault that they are advertising a card with BIG BOLD LETTERS UNLIMITED DATA.

cry me a river about those white collar guys sitting in their meeting moaning and grumbling because people only want what they themselves signed off on for advertising their product!!!!

those same guys that are knocking down 6 figure salaries have completely paid off custom built homes to their specifications with custom inground swimming pools in private areas or gated communities, driving Bugatti Veyron's or Enzo Ferrari's, paid off vacation homes in their favorite locations, and the thing that keeps them going and "happy" is making another million dollars! by false advertising, and then having the audacity and hypocrisy to grumble and complain because people expect their product they are paying for to be as it is advertised.

I could go on and on about the white collar criminals that do not even go to the same prisons that blue collars criminals go to,

I refuse to feel ashamed or any guilt about wanting to use the UNLIMITED DATA that the card itself has in HUGE BOLD LETTERS, even after finding out that in the fine print they claim that UNLIMITED DATA does not really mean UNLIMITED DATA.

if it does not mean what the HUGE BOLDED LETTERS say on the card then stop advertising it in HUGE BOLD LETTERS that it is UNLIMITED DATA

print on the card in legible lettering that most of us can actually read without a magnifying glass what the card is actually offering such as the actual intended DATA LIMIT!

no, they won't do that, because they are banking on most people not using all of the actual DATA that is actually allowed, as they pay the companies that actually own the hardware (infrastructure and equipment) so much money for so much bandwidth and make a profit.

I do not mind any company making a profit off of me, that is how businesses stay in business, after paying their overhead expenses and putting some of that profit back into their business, that is well and good, but don't advertise something and use the old bait and switch were you advertise one thing and substitute another!!!

that is one of the oldest tricks companies use.
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Dennis Hagans

Sep 14, 2013
I know, but it did not set well when bill001g said this.

"I sat in meetings with a couple engineers from large cell providers. They use terms like criminals and thieves describing people how try to bypass the limits. The marketing guys are the ones that prevent the tech guys from stomping people doing this, the techs resent that they can not show people they are not as smart as they think they are."

I bought and paid for straight talk cell phone cards that have BIG BOLD letters UNLIMITED DATA plastered prominently them, only to find out that the fine print clarifies "unlimited data" does not mean what the dictionary definition would say that it means.

Definition of unlimited

1: lacking any controls : UNRESTRICTED unlimited access

2: BOUNDLESS, INFINITE unlimited possibilities

but businesses love to play word games with their customers. by changing the definition of what some words in their contracts mean!

I am not a crook and I do not steal anything period, but I do expect to get that which is advertised and that I am paying for.

  • The FTC took AT&T to court over its failure to disclose that it throttled its “unlimited” mobile plan subscribers after 5 GB of usage.

  • AT&T appealed the lawsuit, but yesterday a federal court dismissed the notion. Now the court case can proceed.

  • This could be good news for consumers, as it sets the precedent that the FTC has regulatory authority over large communications companies.
I am done here, and one last time I am not a crook, not a thief, or a criminal, I simply expect to get what the straight talk phone card boldly advertises as UNLIMITED DATA in BIG BOLD lettering, and not have to find out third hand why I was being throttled because I went over a limit I did not know was there to start with.

please give me what the card boldly says and think that like so many I will fail to read the fine print that actually says unlimited is not really unlimited.

it is stereotypical bait and switch, and false advertising but because it's in the fine print that few people read they believe they have the moral high ground because some Philadelphia lawyer said so.

depending on the outcome of the AT&T case, so-called unlimited plans may get modified to reflect the court's decision if it goes against AT&T.

but slick advertisers always find another way to sucker punch the consumer with more wordy shenanigans, that are not covered as of yet by any laws except maybe in certain states.
I doubt anyone does not disagree with you but pretty much everyone also knows that what the term "fine print" means. Everyone knows almost all advertising is deceptive.

You can complain all you want but unless YOU have the money to fight them in the courts the big company makes all the rules. You can not like that they put a "*" after unlimited and then explain why it is not even close to unlimited but that will never win in court.

My comments on the engineers are a result of the frustration they feel that the script kiddies think they are so smart getting past restriction. The company tolerates some abuse and prevents the engineers from actually preventing it. This was back before HTTPS was so popular. It would have been trivial to read the HTTP headers and as soon as you see window 10 as the OS drop the data. This is just a trivial example. Someone who makes their living doing security job is to know all the hacks and know how to prevent them.....being allowed to prevent them is another issue.

Mostly my comments are a warning to be careful and not over do it. In most cases to get this to work you must root the phone and then run a VPN on the pc to hide your traffic. You will still flag their internal security audits if you run huge amounts of data.
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