Question What's happening with my pc


Feb 24, 2018
So when I woke up I turned on the computer and it had no boot screen or graphics output the fans were running and my gpu s leds. It was strange because it was working fine so I opened it and got everything out of it out I started with the gpu (btw my specs: cpu: Intel core i7 6700k skylake
GPU:Nvidia gforce gtx 1070ti
ram: it's from amd 2x8gb sticks ddr 4
Storage:1x500gb ssd 2x1Tb hdd
motherboard:Asrock pro4s z170 or something like this )
So I got out the gpu and started it again to see if it would start on integrated graphics but no luck.
Than put the gpu back in and started playing with the ram slots.
It finally started with 1 ram stick in A2 slot and the other In B2 so when I opened task manager it said I only had 8 gb ram. So I took all of it out and put one of the sticks in A1 and managed to get in the bios screen it was working so I tested the other one and it worked fine so I put them back like this A1 B1 and than it worked. But I still don't know what happened or if it is going to happen again.
ram: it's from amd
motherboard:Asrock pro4s z170 or something like this

I suggest listing memory part number and/or link to it.
Motherboard model number: Z170 Pro4S

Your problem may be caused by using memory not purchased as an identical pair in a single kit.

Memory should be in A1 and B1
A2 and B2.