May 27, 2012
So a nice upcoming bonus at work, gets me in the mood to play "enthusiast" and think about upgrading my pc.
My Gaming Rig isnt even 2yrs old yet, with a asus sabertooth p67 board, i5 2500k running cool at 4.2 ghz, and a gtx 570 for the graphics.
It runs all the games i play fine at high settings Skyrim, D3, and Witcher 2, but what should i upgrade next?
Should i drop the p67 board, and get a flashy x79 board and go with Ivy Bridge?
or stick with Sandy Bridge and maybe a i7 2700k?
or perhaps drop another 570 for sli, or go with a 670
my power is more than capable with a cosair 1000w psu
I just wanna stay top notch, what would benefit me the most first?

Thanks all


Not much point in upgrading a 2500k, it is still regarded as one of the best gaming CPUs money can buy.

If you are itching to spend money on gaming upgrades, go with either SLI or faster GPU. SLI is cheaper up-front while upgrading to a faster single-GPU solution delivers more uniform performance at much lower power than dual GPU.


The first thing to upgrade should be the graphics card. Gaming frame rate is mainly about the card. I also have a i5-2500k @ 4.2GHZ and have 2 GTX 570s and so far, no problem with SLI stuttering in games. Just awesome frame rates. (Single 1920x1080 monitor). Nvidia's latest driver (301.42) really smooths things out when using FXAA, too. Go for the card first.