Question What's the best air compressor to clean my pc?


Jul 16, 2019
My pc doesn't have a huge dust buildup but I still want to take care of it before it gets really bad.
So, what's the best air compressor? A regular old air compressor with a tank or one of those little dust blowers that you see on Amazon (do they have moisture too?)
Which one is more reliable?
Can I get anything good for less than 100€?

Phillip Corcoran

Canned air dust blower such as This is much safer as the liquid in it is just liquid-gas propellant which evaporates instantly on contact.

Moisture from a traditional compressor is actual water vapour which you definitley don't want anywhere near PC components.
Regular old air compressor is fine if you add the type of inline moisture trap/filter/separator used for spray painting. And obviously not the oiler for air tools.

Keep in mind it is far more powerful than a can so you can generate static charges, overspeed fan bearings or even blow chips off of boards so it should be used from further away.

I've found those miniature leaf blower duster things to be only about as powerful as a camera lens dusting bulb, and far less effective than the disposable cans