Question What's the Best (Current) "Driver Clean-Out" Software?

Aug 7, 2018
So I have two primary problems. 1) Windows Update is broken, and the latest updates have failed to install. Ran SFC, it found and fixed corrupted system files and still WU doesn't work. But 2), more seriously, my wireless adapter is constantly dropping connection. I think both of these problems have a common cause.

I have used my two different, but identical android phones for a wireless connection. I have Virtual Box installed, and have "configured things" to allow Kali running under VB to find and use these android phones. I also have used two different, but identical ALFA AWUS036NHA wireless adapters in the same way (both for Win7 and Kali running under VB). I think that using all these various adapters, and constantly plugging them and unplugging them into the various USB ports on my desktop has corrupted the network drivers. All the different adapters have reinstalled themselves at least 4 times each. Sometimes I see things like "Wireless Connection #20" in the registry and as reported by my P2P software. Everything used to work fine until one day one of the cats knocked the first Atheros Adapter off the window and into a bucket of water that I had thoughtfully left waiting below. (You never know when you might need to let the cats wash your wireless adapter.) After warming it in the oven for about 20 minutes (an approved troubleshooting and repair technique, I might add), I plugged the newly washed and dried Atheros Adapter into the computer so that I could experience the dramatic increase in performance that the cats promised me.

And none of my wireless connections have worked correctly ever since this time. And then I noticed Windows Update also no longer works. So my theory is that my wireless adapters have been somehow corrupted, and that what I need to do is clean them all out, and start with a clean slate. The cats all agree with me; that this is the best course of action, but they have no idea what the best software to use to clean out the old drivers might be.