What's the best low profile cooler?


Mar 27, 2012
Ok guys ii'm going to build a A8 3870k build for a friend...

I'm gonna stick it inside a Fractal design Core 1000 and i'm probably gonna do some modding on that case.

I'm gonna be trying to overclock the cpu to 3.6 and graphics core to around 900mhz.First i thought bout going with a h60 in a push pull config at the front of the case taking air inside... but my fiend is on a tight budget and i thought that if i could save around 30$ on the cooler i might be able to make the system look way cooler on that case if i mod it.

So i'm looking for a low profile cooler as the shuriken from scythe. I'd like to know whats the best and if a low profile cooler like those would be enough to effectively cool the A8 at that oc.