Whats the diference?


Dec 30, 2008
OK so i built a new PC for Christmas and I want to Overclock it. I am new to overclocking and I have some questions. I will list the PC specs first:

- Intel Q6600
- ASUS P5N-D 750i MOBO
- 2 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 RAM (would be 4GB but one set was DOA)
- 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM Hard Drive
- EVGA 9800GT 512 MB Graphics Card
- Win XP 64 Bit

Question 1

ASUS offers a function called AI Overclocking in the BIOS. It looks like it allows you to OC in increments, for example 5%, 10% and etc... So what is the difference between this and adjusting the numbers myself?

Will I get the same OC Performance using the ASUS AI Overclocking?

Where can I find a very easy to use guide on overclocking?



With AI Overclocking, it will automatically overclock certain settings that you would otherwise have to do. If you plan on overclocking beyond the maximum of AI, then do it yourself, after learning about it of course. If you don't want to go any higher than the AI max, then just use AI to overclock. It may be more stable if you let AI do it.