Question What's the difference between RTX3080 TUF OC edition and non OC edition?

Jan 3, 2021
So yeah I just bought a 3080TUF OC from scalpers but it performs kinda good. I manage to pass Furmark stress test with an 2100mhz core clock speed. and 10700mhz memory clock speed. But when I think about it over I was like " Hey why would I pay extra money for OC edition despite paying scalpers?"
So yeah anyone with an 3080 TUF non OC edition share their benchmark result? I don't really know if OC edition cards are generally binned better. If that's not the case, OC edition doesn't seems worth of 75 dollar extra.
I dont have a 3080 but the whole concept of "OC" cards is stupid to me.You can always overclock it by yourself using MSI afterburner.
And im pretty sure they put a 75$ dollar price difference in there because they thought people who have the money for a 3080 surely wouldnt mind spending 75$ for a factory overclocked card.