Question What's the difference between the following gaming mice?


The SE has only been out a matter of weeks (mid-Nov, I think), and you won't find it for sale too many places.

The official MSRP is the same as the regular version. It's the same mouse, with a different color.

Initial pricing from Amazon and BestBuy is substantially cheaper vs the regular's sale price, but I wouldn't expect that to last.


I bought that SE mouse while on a business trip, really as a impulse purchase to try it since for the price it was a total steal. I don't see any difference between it and the other version, if you can get it at the sale price, I'd advice anyone to grab it, even if you have a mouse you like already.

The weight adjustment is pretty good in that mouse, you can load the weights in several areas so you can make it balanced towards the front, center or rear. I've been recommending that model to everyone at this price. Smooth sensor, nice feeling buttons, only thing I don't like too much on it is the scroll wheel, it's too notchy and stiff for me.


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