What's the highest AMD Phenom X4 CPU on M2N-MX SE PLUS?


Jan 1, 2010
Hey guys I need some help over here...

I want to ask, what is the highest AMD Phenom X4 that can work properly on my M2N-MX SE PLUS motherboard? Which it supports AM2+.

I found a list about the CPUs that compatible on M2N-MX SE PLUS:
It says that the highest AMD Phenom X4 that compatible on the motherboard is AMD Phenom X4 9850BE 2.5GHz (which is also an AM2+)...

But maybe someone here might have another opinion or experience about the highest AMD Phenom X4 that can work properly on the motherboard?
Even if it's OK with the 9850, maybe it can go higher, like 9950 or more higher maybe?
Please help...
But don't answer with "OC" or such, just the stock condition, OK? :D

My current PC rig:
CPU AMD Athlon64 x2 5200 2.7ghz
RAM 4GB DDR2 (2x2GB) PC-6400 800MHz
VGA Zotac GeForce 9600GT Supreme
HDD WD 160GB & 640GB
ROM Samsung DVD-RW
PSU FSP SAGA II 500W (pure power and 80 alright)
(all in stock condition)

Thanks before :D


Jan 29, 2010
I am running a phenom 9950BE on my m2n-mx se plus. It has no problems, although it seems to only run at 1.3GHz (multiplier is halved) :fou: . My proc has the same TDP as the 9850 (125W), but despite my best efforts, I cannot figure out why it runs in low power mode all the time. The CPU temp is between 42 and 45 Celcius under load, so I do not believe it is overheating.
For the record, cool n quiet is disabled in the BIOS and all power savings are turned off in the OS. This has been verified in windows 7 Pro and ubuntu 9.10, both are the 32 bit versions of each. The motherboard is running the latest BIOS as of this posting. All of the other hardware tests out and at one point or another, was changed out just incase it was causing issues. My recommendation would be to spring for a higher end motherboard to go with that processor. CPU heavy tasks such as video encoding or gaming are noticibly slower than they should be. I wish I had purchased a higher end motherboard, but at the time, this was all I could afford (I already owned the processor) and I was desperate for a computer.
Other system specs:
2GB PC5300
Geforce 7950GT
550W Coolmax PSU
CNPS-9700cu Heatsink

So, to answer your question--yes, it does work. Do I recommend doing it? No.

UPDATE: I had to manually set the multiplier to the correct value (13x) in order for Ubuntu to run it at the correct speed, but Windows 7 still ran it at half speed. Therefore, Ubuntu>Windows

Ol Stumpy

Feb 10, 2012
Just to update for those on google looking for help with this board, I am running a Phenom x4 9750 125w with no multiplier trouble.

My bios is version 602 from asus' website.