Question What's the maximum graphics card available for my PC? (Core i7 740qm)

Sep 17, 2019
I'm trying to upgrade my laptop which is EXtREAMMLY old and was wondering what's the maximum graphics card that I can put into it today? I figure since the PC is old, obviously that I can't put the latest & greatest GPU.
Ive looked everywhere but this pc is just to old to find any links.

My laptop is Alienware's 2011's M15X which has the following specs:
  • Intel Core i7 740qm @ 1.73GHz
  • 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD, and Windows 10 x64
Please help me :(
Most likely nothing. Upgrading a graphics card is extremely hard, first you have to figure out if its an actual card that is in there or a chip that is soldered to the motherboard. If its soldered then your SOL, if its a card then you have to find the right one that has the same mounting holes and GPU chip in the same spot so the cooling heat pipe will reach and cool it.