Discussion What's the most money you have ever wasted on a PC or upgrade?


Apr 22, 2019
I bought a prebuilt PC, thinking that it was the best deal out there, only to find that the PSU was horrible and the RAM too. I wasted about $200 AUD and regret it so much.


I bought a technically prebuilt system back in the day, but it was prebuilt by a custom PC shop, and it had an 8320e, some motherboard that could overclock it (can't remember what it was), 8GB single stick RAM, and a 2TB WD Red HDD in a fairly mediocre case with a basic aftermarket PSU and no GPU, and I bought it for about $400 to $500 when it really should've cost me more like $250 to $300 thinking it was a decent deal LOL.

I ended up getting a GTX 9800+ from XFX used on Craigslist for $40 to throw it in there just to play older games like Splintercell and Half Life, and some emulators like PS1 and SNES.

Looking back on it now I am just blown away at how naive I was.

But since then I have learned a lot about PC hardware and custom building my own rigs, and have become an enthusiast of sorts.

Times really do change. And so do people.

Well all I can say is that lessons hath been learned.


Also, I am thinking that this might be better suited as a discussion thread rather than a question thread, since the topic at hand doesn't seem to pertain to the OP actually needing some kind of answer to a problem, but rather that they just want to get people to share some stories about their bad purchasing decisions that they've made in their life.

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