[SOLVED] Whats the normal signal loss for providing a connection 100m away from the main cable

Jul 5, 2020
My isp provides internet connection about 100 away from my house but refuses to provide me internet connection saying that there wont signal strength.
I cant understand this since the connection is fiber i thought they lose very small amount of signal in such a short distance.
Can someone explain this.
It is not really possible to know the details since there are so many factors involved with calculating the distance light will go on fiber. There are many many variables involved and maybe the fiber is already at the limit where you want to connect.

That said it is possible to make it work but I suspect the real answer is you do not want to pay the costs. If you went to the ISP and said here is a million dollars connect my house they would.

Do you own the land the fiber must run the 100 meters. You can always run private fiber and then have them connect it where they do offer service. Now if you do not own the land you still have the option of buying right of way from all the owners and having fiber run. This is exactly the problem the ISP has, it likely is not actually the signal strength of the light. More the answer is they can not recover the costs to offer you service.
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