Question What's the optimal position and orientations for my system?

Aug 23, 2022
Hello peepz,

So I've done a 12700K build in a Lian Li O11DXL and I'm using a 360mm AIO and I have 10x Lian Li SL120 Uni Inf fans.
I'm not convinced I have the case/fans/aio setup optimally for cooling and the temps go higher than I am comfortable with, which in turn starts the noise of course.

Currently the setup is this:

3x fans (intake) on the bottom.
1x fan (exhaust) on the rear.
AIO mounted on the side mount and 3x fans blowing through the rad.
3x fans (exhaust) on the top of the case.

I've been thinking of moving the radiator to the top of the case and maybe attempting a push/pull type situation as I have a bunch of spare fans anyway.

Just wondering if you guys had any tips or recommendations.



Under your most extreme load, what are the temps for the relevant components?

You can game around with multiple configs all day long.
But if you're not already at the thermal limit and the thing is're not going to gain any performance.
I'd say just keep it at bottom intake fans and top exhaust fans, using fans designed for static pressure. Also orient the video card vertically unless the clearance between the video card's fans and the side panel isn't at least two inches. Adding more fans may not really help as I discovered a few months back that one of my fans contributed nothing, so I got rid of it.


Are you using "smart fan" mode or a custom curve?

I have an 011d mini with an 11900K on 'stock' settings for the Z590i. It took me a bit to get the fan curves and temps in line with one another in such a way as not to be distracting. The only time I get full fan speed is under full gaming or other load...and it sounds like a drone flying TBH. The rest of 'normal' use and it's nothing a room fan doesn't drown out.

3X 120 on pull at bottom of case. 2X 120 on pull on the front spot. 2X/AIO 120 exhaust on top, and a 120 on exhaust out the back.

With my current AIO I cannot enable the thermal boost properties of the i9 at all. Just the same, most of my use only sees the CPU hit 60's.