What's the performance difference between these two systems?


Nov 22, 2012
So I am trying to get a handle what I would be gaining with a say premium priced build vs a little more buget-friendly build. This would be my first build, by the way.

I pretty much only care about Adobe CS6 (more specifically Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and web surfing. Zero gaming.

Intel i7 3930K
Asus PX79 Pro
nVidia 2GB GTX 670
256GB Crucial m4 SSD for OS and programs
Possibly a second SSD for caching
2x 7200 3TB HDD in Raid 0 (on board controller)
Good power supply and maybe antec full tower case

Intel i7 3770K (unless you guys think the 3820 makes more sense)
ASrock z77 motherboard (maybe the extreme 4?)
nVidia card (for CUDA)... maybe cheaper one than GTX 670 or you guys think stick with the 670?
SSD for OS and programs
2x 7200 3TB HDD in Raid 0
Decent power supply and case

So I'm thinking System #1 would be in the $1800-$2000 range and system #2 maybe more like $1200.

Assuming I've got the money roughly correct, what sort of improvement do you guys think I would be looking at? Specifically in Premiere Pro? I just have no idea of what I might be gaining... whether things would run twice as fast or what.

Maybe someone with a system similar to either of the above can go to http://ppbm5.com and run the benchmark and we can get some real world results.

Thanks for the help.

Just know that the higher up the performance ladder you go, the more it will cost to go up a rung. So if you are looking for pure performance per dollar, the cheaper build will win.
It comes down to whether you think the price premium is worth the extra performance you gain, and whether you think you will even need it. A 3770k is all you would need unless you are a professional film maker, or rely on it for an income.

Heres a comparison between the two CPU's (which is really the big difference between the machines). You want to be looking at multi-threaded performance and render/encoding times, as that pertains to what you are doing.
The 3770k is only a little slower than sandy bridge e processor so IMO its not worth paying that much extra for a small gain

I would not RAID 0 storage drives . The SSD is going to handle the processes that require speed so all you'd be doing it doubling the likelihood of losing all your data .If one of the hard drives fails you'd lose everything on both , and that would also probably happen if the motherboard failed