What's the procedure after unlocking Athlon



I have a 800mhz amd athlon via chipset kt133a. unfortunately the processor has a locked multiplier. you can change the spread host clock through bios but it increases the pci bus agp and others where they dont need to be. it does change the cpu to 856, 898 it usually freezes after a while. iwanna be able to overclock this bitch, the fsb at at 16mhz jump from 200mhz is nice though, ok lemme get to the question. After you do the L1 bridge routine it's supposed to unlock the multiplier. well what happens then? it it's autoclocked to a max frequency of overclockage, taht sounded wierd. will a multiplier option show up in bios or would i have to do something else or use wpcredit. I just saw no info on what to do afterwards and frankly don't have a clue. i mean would a multiplier option just pop up in the cmos? i wouldn't think so. Anyone got suggestions about how to set this multiplier after unlocking the cpu w/o overclockin other buses. Please don't say my althon is going to burn up, because i really dont care this is just somethin to try. i got a fan bay and faster rpm fan over the heatstink, but if it crashes i have a 750mhz athlon on hand, if the motherboard goes, i'll build a new computer :p


edit: i forgot to ask how i'd be able to make the vcore from 1.7 to 1.8, no information of any of this stuff in the manual
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Dec 31, 2007
I'm not sure what Mobo you're using, but depending on the BIOS, you probably will have jumpers/switches on the board or a BIOS selectable multiplier that will be available when you unlock your chip.

Most BIOSs are set up to default to a minimun configuration if you go too far trying to overclock it and you simply power off and back on for it to start up in this minimum configuration which allows you to enter the BIOS and make more changes. So at worst, you may have to power off/on a couple of times to get it to start after you slap the processor back in.

Good Luck!