Whats the reason to slow down My Western digital internal hard disk?

syed saqib

Sep 18, 2014
I have freshly installed win 8.1 on WD hard drive and it took half a day for installation to complete and its taking too long to boot.....
So anybody suggest me what to do?
You should always do a full write / wipe before using a new hard drive as a boot disk. This ensures that no errors occur.

You need to hook the drive up to a working machine and check it with Western Digital Data Lifeguard.

Link to software - http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3

If the drive checks out ok use the free software called DBAN to secure erase the drive. Once that's done load up windows and check it once more with data lifeguard. Create a partition on the drive and quickly test read/write performance by copying files over and seeing how fast they open. If everything checks out the drive is good to go.
Hi there syed saqib,

I would agree with thor220 and say that wiping your HDD before using it as a boot drive is a good idea. I just wanted to add up that the WD DLG tool has a write zeros option which you may want to use for your purpose.


I did not know about that feature. Thanks for that. It makes it a much easier process for people who don't need the power of DBAN.
Run HD Tune against your drive and examine the read benchmark graph. It should be a smooth, monotonically decreasing curve.

Also examine the SMART report. Ideally there should be no reallocated, pending, or uncorrectable sectors. I recommend CrystalDiskInfo rather than HD Tune for this purpose.