Whats up with my Temps? i7 D0


Feb 9, 2009
Ok, so I just did some cable management in my antec 300 to make more use of a couple of 1200rpm Scythe kaze Jyuni's I installed and now my temps are hitting 95C on Prime95 after 30 seconds!!!

At the moment the i7 D0's running at stock everything except the cooler which is an akasa Nero, I have a couple of 1200rpm Scythe Kaze Jyuni's on the front and one cooling the graphics, along with the fans which came with the case running at high settings.

any idea's why because before even when it was oc'ed to 3.8ghz and before I made more airflow space it would only hit 85C max.


Intel Master

■What is your ambient?

■What is your Vcore as shown in CPU-Z?

Even if your prior Core temperatures were 85c, that's still too hot by 12c.

i7 920 D0 Thermal Specifications as listed in Intel's Processor Spec Finder: http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLBEJ

Tcase Max (CPU tremp) = 68c
Tjunction (Core temp) = 73c

Note: "Average" or "Mean" Core temperatures are always 5c higher than CPU temperature. The Processor Spec Finder shows CPU temperature, NOT Core temperature, which is a very common misconception among many users. Refer to the link in my signature for more information.

Also, when you run Prime95 Small FFT's, set all fans at 100% RPM with case covers removed.

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