Jan 11, 2012
I have heard a lot of bad things about RKill RAM and some of the issues that happen with the higher speeds on it. What exactly is the issue? People are leaning more towards Corsair and Kingston. I know that Kingston is renowned for its flash memory and other memory mediums, but I have also heard that RKill is preferred for gaming and :bounce: is a generally flawless brand. Issues with motherboard compatibility and just other random RAM problems have made me reconsider. What exactly is the issue?


Aug 14, 2010
I stick with Corsair memory. They have been around for a long while and have proven themselves countless times in the performance/gaming arena. They also have amazing support if you run into issues. I pretty much exclusively use Corsair in my desktop machines (and non-mac laptops). Are you, by chance thinking gSkill RAM though? Rkill is NOT a memory brand, it is a piece of software.

Get your thoughts lined up and brands organized and come back with clarification.

Gskill is great. just make sure you get the right voltage to match your setup. intel SB setups are supposed to use 1.5v ram, but there is also 1.65 available that you should not use for that setup. Gskill makes both. Best bet is to look on your motherboard manufacturers website for compatible ram, and make sure you chose a compatible one.
G. Skill, Corsair, Patriot, Crucial, Kingston, PNY, and ADATA is getting there. Just get the cheapest one.

And as for not using 1.65v memory, that is a myth. 1.65v memory is fine. I even use 1.65v memory with my system and have not had a problem yet. I have never heard of anyone having an issue with it either, just people fretting over what Intel recommends. Get 1.5v if possible, but 1.65v is fine. :)