Question What's wrong with my computer/motherboard...

Aug 12, 2020

I've been having trouble with my computer recently, after taking my computer apart to reapply new thermal paste on my processor, it hasn't been booting up and I can't get into the bios.

The fans themselves turn on, and i hear a beep indicating that the cpu is active aswell, however the EZ debug lights for the CPU and DRAM activate but switch between eachother (cpu goes on for the shortest period and the dram for the longest.) I've taken the whole computer apart and put it back together with the same results, i've taken the ram out individually and placed it in different ports
to the same results. I've taken the cmos battery out to reset the bios to the same results. The only thing I've tried that's had different results was when i turned it on without any ram installed and the DRAM light was the only light that activated still without booting.
Im pretty stumped, might try to boot it up tomorrow without the motherboard in the case to see it that works, but i would appreciate any other suggestions as to what's wrong and how to fix it :)

EDIT: When my hard drive is plugged into the motherboard it keeps trying to spin up repeatedly aswell without success

My specs are as follows:
Corsair spec delta case
Z170A pro MSI
I5 6600K
artic liquid freezer 120mm
rx 580
500 gb Samsung ssd
1tb hard drive