Question What's wrong with my GPU/PC?

Jan 4, 2021
I've tried finding solutions and I've come across so much BS it's insane, I keep seeing "I have this problem" and I'm not looking for that, I NEED an answer. I JUST got my new GTX 1050Ti and had troubles even getting it to boot. First, I tried using it and it just didn't let me past the bios splash screen, keyboard wasn't working, etc. You've probably heard of that before. So I looked and looked and LOOKED and finally on a very unknown site, with two answers, I HAPPEN to run into someone saying to change it to Legacy ROM startup. So I did, and wow to my surprise there it is, it started. I uninstalled my drivers on my PREVIOUS CARD, and I FIGURED that would've been enough but here I am. I installed the latest drivers for my new card, got it set up, and when I ran a game, I see flashing colors, pink squares and whatnot and a loud noise and boom. Crashes. Ran another game, glitchy ass graphics. Tried the other game several more times and once it went up to 5 minutes with no issues then BOOM, giant floating color orbs floating on my screen, then the screen loses connection. The screen has gone black several times as well like the source just loses connection to the HDMI. I don't have money, so spending $160 and seeing amazon have the balls to say I can't refund it is pissing me off royally and I'm at my wits end. Idk what the issues is, my other card was fine, but for some stupid reason this card just won't work and I NEED help. Idk what else to do, I know nothing about this.