Question What's wrong with my system?

Aug 8, 2021
I have a PS4, yes not a PC but I can find no where else to get an answer so I try here, which when in the menu it takes minutes at a time to load sections of the menu. For example if I click on notifications, messages or another option it will take around 3 odd minutes to load it, when the PS4 was new it would take 1 second. What could be causing this? I am guessing the hard drive is failing but I want to know for sure as I have two options; spend 40 odd quid on a new HDD or send the PS4 to Sony for 175 quid to get it repaired, I want to save money of course and do not want to waste money on a HDD if it won't fix this issue. Advice would be appreciated, thanks.


Aug 12, 2016
That kinda just happens to all systems over time, the parts get worn out from running for years and they slow down. Consoles arent exempt from this, but they do seem to last a lot longer than PC components.
Depends when you got it I guess, you should try to keep at least 10% of your HDD space open as well, it helps the system stay smooth
There should be guides on how to upgrade to an ssd. It may not be a bad idea to give it a quick dusting and install an ssd which should give quicker loading. But as stated above, freeing up some space on your drive may help.

Actually thinking more, you may get an external hard drive instead and start installing games to that. When I had a PS4 that’s what I was doing.