Discussion What's your favourite video game you've been playing?

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Feb 19, 2018
If I can't buy a disc - install and play without any internet involvement whatsoever I have no interest and will not buy it.

I play far cry 1 and 2 silent hunter 3 and a couple of even older titles and am perfectly happy with them.

I got bored with online gaming many years ago.

I do have Falcon F4 (the one with all the books) but I dont have a joystick anymore - similarly I miss playing mech warrior.

Just picked up Halo Infinite a few days ago, and been playing nothing but it lately. IMO it's a very good game, and while it is a bit tricky getting graphics settings adjusted without problems, after checking out Digital Foundry's optimized graphics settings guide, and discovering some things on my own, I now have it dialed in with higher settings than I thought I'd be able to use, and the performance is very good.

I had a lot of flicker when first applying the settings, and flicker and stutter at end game after finishing the story, but I think I have it figured out now. I discovered the flicker only happens when moving or looking around, so I tried dropping mouse polling rate from 1000 to 500. Upon quitting game and rebooting, I also noticed Windows Defender, after blocking two harmless apps previously, had now quarantined a harmless app. I figured the latter may have caused the stutter as it said it had just scanned 5 times.

I am now back to playing flicker and stutter free. It's a great game IMO, easily the best Halo game I've ever played, and I've played them all. It can be a bit nerve racking at times trying to drive a land vehicle on the very rugged terrain, which leads to MANY impassable terrain features or chasms, but exploring on foot via the Grappleshot makes all the woes go away. Your squad even often manages to catch up on foot if you just stop to deal with stray enemies or scavenge a bit too, so it doesn't have a huge impact on gameplay.

This time I waited until I played all the way through the campaign, and sorted out any graphics and performance issues before weighing in regarding a review, but I feel this game is at least 8.5/10 worthy, and that would be a solid 9/10 were it patched a bit better. The main problems I had, were flickering, cutscenes going black screen, some flicker and stutter at game end after finishing the campaign, and a bit of lag from frame drops when cruising fast through a wetland area in the Ghost. I believe the flicker and black screen in cutscenes was due to the high mouse polling rate I was using, as I noticed the flicker only happened when moving or looking around, and the cutscenes came back from black screen if I just moved the mouse.

Since lowering the polling rate to 500, I've had no flicker. The stutter I had (in just one brief end game session mind you) I believe was caused by Windows Defender having done 5 scans and quarantined a harmless app (Desktop Reminder 2). Even the lag when cruising over that one specific wetland area (near where the Pelican crashes), went away after I dispatched the enemies scattered there. When I went back to that spot after taking out the 3 big guns, the 2-boss fight there was not laggy at all. I'm not saying the game doesn't need patching, clearly it does, but there ARE things you can do to make it play better, and without compromising visuals.

On the spec in my sig, I'm running it at mostly High, with Textures, Terrain, Effects, and Anisotropic Filtering set to Ultra, and Depth of Field set to Med. I also have Async Compute On, in-game Vsync On, and Min and Max FPS both set to 60. I'm also able to set Resolution Scale to 1440p, or as close to it as possible, as the game's slider oddly doesn't allow you to land right on it.

Gameplay wise, this game is very fun to play, very immersive, and at times, very challenging.


If I can't buy a disc - install and play without any internet involvement whatsoever I have no interest and will not buy it.
I used to feel the same way . . but it was REALLY hard to turn down the deals on Steam.

That said, GOG offers both, I believe. An offline installer, as well as using their GOG Galaxy client. I don't have many games with them, and the ones I have are much older games.
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If I can't buy a disc - install and play without any internet involvement whatsoever I have no interest and will not buy it.
you've been missing out on many years of good gaming then.

i have probably 90 games through various distributors(Steam, GOG, Epic, etc) and i play zero of them online.
have probably only connected for any type of multiplayer 5-6 times with any of them over 10 years or so.

i've tried some of the MMOs like Aion, Elder Scrolls Online, WoW, Final Fantasy 14, The Old Republic, and a few others and have never gotten more than a couple hours into any of them.
i do not enjoy online gaming with idiots running around ruining my game experience and immersion into the stories.

but this does not stop me from playing a lot of the newer titles in offline modes and still having a great time with them.
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Feb 4, 2019
Just got up to speed in Need for speed payback again, might try the multiplayer bit after the story completes this time around.

Also continuing play in AC: Odyssey, some great fighting against the bounty hunters and other bosses, besides the exploring and questing. ( this is my third playthrough )

Going back to RDR 2 next week, and stretch out the author story some more, (riding my horse through the old town roads)
recently played through Halo Infinite, that was fun.
the open-world-ish map and the RPG-ish upgrades and things through the game added a bit that i also enjoyed.
loved some of the new weapons and it was nice having a wider variety than most of the previous games.
i always loved Halo 1 & 2 and recently getting to play through the entire franchise has been pretty awesome.
i dug into the Master Chief Collection for nostalgia's sake and ended up really enjoying Reach, 3, & 4 too.

just started God of War this week.
had totally forgotten that this remake was even being developed and then saw it on Steam again all of a sudden.
had previously only played a few minutes of a few of the games through friend's PS consoles so this is cool getting the original with such a reworking.
visuals definitely look GREAT and it has pretty average 3rd person action gameplay.
of course being a PS port it has some issues with freely binding controls to keyboard & mouse but it's usually pretty easy to get used to the dedicated commands with these type of games. if it really starts to get annoying i can always switch to my One S gamepad.

also currently re-playing The Surge 2.
never got through the entire game previously because it was having serious stuttering issues.
whether it's later updates or just the upgraded system since then, it's been running good.
loved the original game.
I just started playing Annihilation Line, the recently released campaign DLC for Terminator Resistance. It's about 5 hours in length, so it feels like a mini campaign on it's own. It's also more challenging than the base game, with limited resources and tougher enemies.

My only real nitpick is it tends to hitch and freeze at times, especially after restarting, and the textures can take a while to draw in once the checkpoint is loaded.


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Jun 12, 2015
There is so much I don't remember... like what quest am I on?? I have 4 escortees and if there is one thing I remember about Sacred 2, those guys are suicidal.

think I should start a new character just to remember game, instead of getting my lvl 141 killed

I have to remember all the keys again.

might try the robot, seem to remember it was odd. I only ever played melee as it was easier on my pc at time.
edit: reads wiki, remembers robot is hardest character to play.

so much to relearn, not sure I want to lol.
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have got more into God of War over the last month or so.
started out with pretty average gameplay but over time as Kratos' abilities open up it got much more fun.
maybe 1/2 - 2/3 of the way through now and i'm enjoying it much more.

got through The Surge 2.
can't believe it took me so long to actually play through this after loving the original so much.
the huge options for armor & weapons and the way they change your gameplay
plus the multitude of ways to go about the story and explore the map make this franchise tons of fun.

saw an update released for Shadow of Chernobyl's Complete 2009 mod stating it had been updated and improved for 2021.
this lead to re-installing and checking out the update, but sadly is designed for French language only so some English elements weren't working correctly.
ended up playing through again, probably the 5-6th complete playthrough at least not counting Lost Alpha and a couple other complete remake mods i've tried.
i still can't believe how great this game is even after all these years.
with a couple texture & model mods it can still hold up to any newer game gameplay and story-wise.
cannot wait for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2!

recently purchased Elex II and played a few minutes. another awesome Piranha Bytes game, loved the first.
also purchased Elden Ring but besides starting it up and configuring system settings i haven't delved in yet, hoping to finish God of War before getting too into it.
really enjoyed the Dark Souls series. very disappointed that Demon Souls remake hasn't made it to PC.
I finished Chernobylite, and was a bit surprised by the ending , which had more decision making than fighting. I suppose if you go into it without good crew rep though, there's going to be less opportunities that help you, and more fighting. Overall the game is interesting and unique for the Survival Horror genre, but the first play through seemed a bit annoying due to micromanagement of crew rep.

I'm now finishing up my Halo The Master Chief Collection run on Legendary, having beaten 4 of the 6 games so far on that mode. I'm currently on the 4th mission of Halo 4, Infinity. The mission I just finished, Forerunner, used to cause me lots of stress. Now that I've discovered more effective tactics on how to play it though, it's feeling fun, and I can better appreciate the enemies it contains.
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Jul 29, 2015
i've tried some of the MMOs like Aion, Elder Scrolls Online, WoW, Final Fantasy 14, The Old Republic, and a few others and have never gotten more than a couple hours into any of them.
i do not enjoy online gaming with idiots running around ruining my game experience and immersion into the stories.
@JohnBonhamsGhost I agree with you. I've played ES online for a few hours solo and thought the same. I wanted to find like minded people to try again together which would be more fun (but wouldn't stop idiots running round!). Let me know if you're interested sometime
Just finished another playthrough of Days Gone after reinstalling it, this time to play on Survival II again, but with no skill, stamina, health, or focus upgrades. In fact I only used silencers, but just for the first part of the game. I'm also dabbling into the challenges, but they seem a bit too arcade for my tastes.

I also reinstalled RE7 after playing Days Gone again, to play the 2 campaign DLCs, Not a Hero, and End of Zoe.

I'm about to install and play A Plague Tale Innocence as well after having just bought it.

Tac 25

Jul 25, 2021
have started playing the new fighting game DNF Duel, released this year.
beautiful visuals in this game, sort of reminds me of Granblue Fantasy on the way characters introduce themselves.

combos are easy to do, but I cannot do any supers yet. :)
I installed and started playing Race Driver Grid again recently. Surprisingly I got comments on the captures I uploaded to YouTube with people saying it brings back memories and how good the game still looks even 14 years after it's release.

I will also be getting and playing Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered soon, which I'm hoping will play on keyboard aa well as some are saying.
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got through Elex II, that was a lot of fun. i guess if you enjoy Piranha Bytes games anyway.

played through the entire S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series again in anticipation for 2, hopefully we will be seeing it towards the end of this year with no further delays.
definitely still one of my favorite series.

also played through the entire Fallout 4 campaign again, probably for the 4-5th time.
i though i had played the Nuka World expansion before but it seemed totally new, maybe i had just totally forgotten the story line.
i've also always loved this series. it's been killing me waiting for the Fallout 4: New Vegas & Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland full game overhauls.
3 & New Vegas were so much fun but these days running them now even with the best available mods the graphics just seem too underwhelming for me.

just finally started Elden Ring and surprisingly it's design is very disappointing;
no FOV adjustment, no ultra-wide support, no vignette/chromatic aberration disabling, and a lot of other things.
luckily by now the PC community has come up with mods to "correct" most of these things.
after having a lot of mods in place it looks and feels much better, just like the other From Software Dark Souls games.
looking forward to getting into the story.

also just started Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. very fun action packed game.
very glad the developers took their time to make a proper PC port.
hoping will play on keyboard aa well as some are saying
controls are awesome on keyboard/mouse with multiple web slinging and attack features all assigned to my many extra mouse buttons.

gameplay and graphics are top notch with RT effects and good optimization.
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Aug 25, 2022
The favorite of my whole life as a gamer, CS:GO, but I don't play anymore because it absorbed me completely, I became something Pro.... The one I've played for the most years is FIFA. I had a strong time with Left 4 Dead, and currently for the last year, Destiny 2