What's your highest Socket 939 Memory Bandwidth?


Oct 23, 2006
Welcome to my post. I wanted to see what everybody's highest memory bandwidths achieved on socket 939 systems were.

I'm running an Opty 185@3.0ghz on a DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR Expert UT with 2x1GB double-sided Mushkin DDR500 memory and a 7900GT. My FSB is at 250mhz and ram ratio is 1:1. Timings are 3-4-3-8 with all the bios memory settings set to AUTO. Also somehow with these settings my memory runs at a 1T command rate! My system never ran 1T stably before so that was very odd. 1T increased my bandwidth by 600MB/s at least.

My SiSoft 2007 memory test results are:

Int Buff'd iSSE2: 6163MB/s
Float Buff'd iSSE2: 6184MB/s

At 250mhz the max theoretical bandwidth is 8000MB/s so im at 77% efficiency. I would love to hit 80% efficiency but I lack the knowledge of all those memory timings and rates to tune my bios settings to be optimal.

Let me know how I stack up against the rest of your results! Please share all your settings and timings if possible so we can all tune our rigs.


Jun 17, 2007
dont complain about those speeds. mine are:
int buff'd isse2: 2721 MB/s
float buff'd isse2: 2709 MB/s
i have an athlon 64 3800+, 1280mb ddr400, timings are 3-3-3-8, and command rate 2t. hopefully that will all change soon.