Discussion What's your most favorite GAMING GENRE ? **currently playing Game on your PC ?**

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Does anyone know if GTA3 works on windows 10 with a modern PC? I dont want to sink $10 in a game if it wont work.
It should work. Have you tried running in "Compatibility Mode" for Windows XP ?

ELSE, if you are using the retail disk based version of the game, the problem is likely due to MS's Win10 DRM Blocking malware. GTA 2 and 3 both used SafeDisk copy protection.

( Vice City ('02) was released after GTA3 ( '01 ). Vice City and San Andreas both use SecuROM copy protection. But if you bought this game on STEAM, then it should work on Windows 10 OS, IMO.
Has anyone tried My Friend Pedro? It looks fun but I heard it's short so I'm waiting for a Steam sale.
I've heard about this game. DSOGaming has been covering articles on this title. I don't play such type of games, but I've read very positive reviews and Feedback for this Game. STEAM reviews are also very positive. I think this game has got potential.

Gameplay looks pretty fun, but sadly I cannot play 2-D, or side scrolling games.

I don't have the answer, lol, but I'm only comfortable with First or third-perspective games. Don't know, but 2D games aren't my taste. By the way, can we use Mouse as well as Keyboard easily in such type of games ?

I once tried tried playing Darkest Dungeon, but after few hours of gaming, I was not feeling that much comfortable with the action/shooting mechanics. 3D games are okay for me.


While I haven't played to many side scrolling games one of my favorites is Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. They remade it for PC as well and is only $3 which is fantastic.

May need to check my Steam wallet when I get home...
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Is half-life 2 really worth all of the hype?

BTW, steam refunded my money from GTA3.
From what I remember it was pretty good although that was more then a few few years ago on a old Steam account I can't get back (forgot email/password/etc) but that was on Win7 although I can't imagine it not working on Win10.

What types of games do you like? Maybe we can make a better recommendation?

If you ever played the original Homeworld (RTS) and liked that the remake is really good.